Book 1 in the
Sung Home Trilogy

What people are saying about Sung Home

  • As Covid 19 begins its journey through our world, Sung Home comes to be. Will this happen to us? It’s easiest to say no. But we truly don’t know. Ramnarace’s depiction of humanity, her willingness to seek grace through the worst of behaviors and her ability to keep a reader in a constant state of wonder make Sung Home a beacon of hope in these uneasy times. -Curtis Michaels
  • A timely, adventurous work of art! This thoughtfully written tale takes the reader through a world much like this one, but with an insightful cast into what ‘could’ be our future. A place where so much possibility for humanity can be found around every river bend, or mountain. A reset button for humanity to take a different course. Laura’s research, into these possible new routes, is well considered, given our current global situation with COVID19, this story isn’t at all far-fetched. It is both a gentle reminder, and a dire warning of our current unsustainable ways. -The Wandering Naturalist
  • Sung Home is intriguing, thoroughly engaging and unlike any other fiction that I’ve read. The page turning interest is solid. Characters are easy to relate to, nicely developed and expertly woven into the narrative. The southwest New Mexico setting, which I am reasonably familiar with, makes the book all the more interesting and real. The overall theme of humanity being given a chance at a “do over” with an aim to correct the errors of the past, is timely and thought provoking. Laura Ramnarace wrote a winner on her first try. I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next two parts of the series. -Paul Westcott
  • I devoured this book. The characters are well developed and relatable, and the adventure story keeps you interested and engaged throughout. Finally, a post apocalyptic read that focuses on solutions, creativity, and rebuilding! -Emma
  • One reason I loved it… is this author’s vision of how human beings can/could shape their lives together in circumstances of the greatest uncertainty. -Hayra Nur
  • I really enjoyed this novel, it was thought provoking and very plausible. This scenario raises so many questions, and the writer obviously gave a great deal of thought to possible outcomes. For me, this story created a more calm and accepting view of our current world situation… whatever transpires. Peace. -Anonymous
  • I loved this book. I had a hard time putting it down. I found myself really pulling for the lead character, Lakshmi, and caring about many other characters, who I thought were well developed. You wouldn’t think that a novel about a post-catastrophe world would be very uplifting, but I found that to be the case here. The characters face some very tough challenges and choices, and I could readily identify with them. Some creative twists and turns. Definitely a recommended read. -Wally Lawder
  • You won’t be disappointed – her style is straight forward, not a single unnecessary word, yet the picture she paints of SW New Mexico is vivid and true, as are a story and characters that become engaging and real. I can’t wait for the sequel! -J.E. Foster
  • Could not put it down. -Augustine Verciglio
Book 2 in the
Sung Home Trilogy

What people are saying about Growing Home

Laura Ramnarace’s book, “Growing Home,” the second in a trilogy, is the best book I’ve read this year. It bursts at the seams with uncanny insight into the aftermath of a global pandemic and the potentially devastating consequences of ravaging Mother Earth while stripping her vitality. The characters dove straight into my heart, dealing with very real, pertinent issues. Laura highlights difficulties that would be faced after a collapse of society: rebuilding communities with governments, discovering the qualities of truly capable leaders, finding the balance between staying safe and reaching out to trust others, all while begging the questions of what skills are really valued; what possessions truly precious? When asked how she had the intuition to write a book about a virus right before there was literally a global pandemic ravaging our world, Laura pointed to melting ice caps and thawing permafrost, along with the very real possibility of those ice caps containing viruses which humans would not be immune to. In facing this reality, Laura expressed that she “desperately needed a story about how we could survive” so she wrote “Growing Home” as an antidote; “a reality where we could pull this off and humanity had a second chance.” This is a post-apocalyptic but not dystopian or utopian tale with so many nods to Silver City, WNMU, and Southwest NM that I could feel the local bonds in my bones. Universality and connection, those things which make us human no matter our race, heritage or life experiences, are bountiful in this absolutely beautifully scribed tale. This is the kind of book that made me late for meetings in the morning because I couldn’t put it down at night; the kind of book that I woke up thinking about; that made me cry and laugh. -Allison Waterman of the Silver City Independent

A book about survival during difficult times. There’s the “good guys” & “bad guys” and there’s also transformation, growth & resolve. – JJ